Rogue - (verb) the act of identifying and removing unhealthy plants.


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Precision Indoor Grow Climate


Rogue Cultivation Solutions was born from a desire to help the cannabis community with high end HVAC and dehumidification equipment that works efficiently and continues to give high performance operation for its lifespan.

Rejecting the model of adapting standard systems into growth, we use manufacturers that build quality de-humidification equipment and have them insert our design changes and improvements directed at grow performance, while using 1 source of energy and re-using as much of it as possible in the reheat process.  Additionally adding in cold climate performance and adaptability for the CO2 components and alarms.

Our units can be air cooled, or water cooled using dry coolers or cooling towers.  We use high efficiency motors, compressors and Sedona based controllers that can be accessed via cell phones, tablets or internet connections.

We build or design equipment to take the indoor climate issues off the growers list!  With our process we supply repeatability, documentation and tractability!  Veg to Flower!

Indoor humidity is the tuff fight, but with correct latent coil capacity and variable capacity the equipment can perform in lights on or in transpiration lights off.  Being able to hold the humidity tight helps prevent mold issues.

Lighting Controls

See the lighting set up in the same system screens as your equipment.

Monitoring options

Pictures and video options to know who just opened your equipment!

Worldwide Availability

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Bryon K Harp

We can have equipment built for any power needs for any location.




Guido Van Erp leads our European office.  +31 683949278




 With our Partners in the Caribbean we can deliver equipment to handle not only Grow, but fresh air DOAS units. 

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With a regional office based in Medellin, Colombia you can contact Ken Murray at -



We work with tomato growers, testing labs and specialty applications worldwide.

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Sedona Based controllers

IP/mstp network flexibility


Quality Parts, better reliability


Support and Start up

Our support and start up team is well trained and qualified.

Fire and Ice Office Manager Linda Kitler can be reached at 703-579-7689


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Cannabis in Europe

  The Origins of Cannabis 

It is proven that Ancient Europe has an important role in the history of cannabis (Cannabis pollen has been found in a 4,200-year-old Dutch grave).

And while it may seem like we are still in the Dark Ages, it is important to recognize where the history comes from and where it is leading. Furthermore, the stigmas are slowly breaking away and the dawn of cannabis will come again.

It seems almost unbelievable that Europe has cannabis origins dated back to the early BC days. Europe has never really been known to be a leading force in cannabis, with the exception of the Netherlands.  

But new studies, conducted at the Berlin Free Institute and University of Vermont, suggest that Europe was growing wild weed across the continent.

Rogue Cultivation Solutions

We are proud to have a unique and significant connection in Europe.

With the Netherlands as the cradle of science, expertise and experience in growth optimization, the performance of our products, that we constantly innovate and improve, meets these high standards.   

For indoor and greenhouse growth we are confident to state that growers will have an astonishingly good performance in their quality and harvests.


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